Reaction to Remember the Titans

I was really excited about watching the movie. It is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I think its one of those movies that plays into a lot of things, for example, not only does it talk about race, but also camaraderie and inner strength. It’s a movie that every time you see it, you can’t help but be touched by it. Many times you see a movie about sports that talks about a fictional school, with a fictional story, with a fictional, well, everything. This movie, however, talks about a real school and a real team with a real story. Their story is very uplifting and although bad things happened, they came together not just as a team, but as friends. Sometimes it’s that that makes the story even better. The part that I think touched everyone is when Gary gets hurt and Julius is there in the hospital room with him.Gary calls him his “brother.” It’s very touching and sad though because Gary could no longer play, but he did win a gold metal at the Special Olympics. However, it was sad that he was killed by a drunk driver, way before his time. Sometimes you need to go through pain to understand what’s important. They all realized that it is the “soul of man and not the color of his skin” is what matters. They came together as not just a team, but as friends. It is a movie and story that will live on and show people how stupid racism is and why it needs to stop. We are all human and all the same, no matter what we look like. There was nothing that I did not like. If I could make any change to the script/plot it would be to not have the Coach Yokes still get into the hall of fame and have Coach Boone not have the brick thrown into his house. I believe it is realistic that a sports team could make a dramatic difference in the face relations of the town. Why? It is because the Titans actually did that. Some people do not believe that things like that are realistic, but obviously, stories like this are true. I do not think Denzel was too harsh, especially when Coach Yolks says he was right for the job.


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